What happened to Clint Jun Gamboa in American Idol 10?

I have been religiously watching the show American Idol 10, lately. I got more excited about this season since two Noypis (Thia Megia and Clint Jun Gamboa) did great on their auditions and they were both selected by the judges to be in the Top 24. Last night's episode, though, which revealed the Top 13 finalists, one of them (Clint Jun) got eliminated and was not even given a chance by the judges to perform for the 3 wildcard slots - the show's viewers voted for the 10 Finalists and the judges chose 3 wildcard contestants.

Clint Jun Gamboa performing during the Hollywood Week | Photo courtesy of Fox

Oh well, since I think Clint Jun performed well, I think the reason he was voted off from the talent search would have to be the Hollywood Week - Group Round incident. Some viewers must have hated him after he dismissed the charming 15 year-old Jaycee Badeaux from their group during that round. (Read more HERE.)

I am sorry for him. But yeah, Thia is still there! I hope she would do better performances in the next episodes since other contestants are really great as well! She so mahinhin, so Filipina but she should be a little lively I guess since she is still so young.


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