Nonito Donaire, Jr., Chino Trinidad feud heats up online!

Boxing champ Nonito Donaire Jr. and sportscaster Chino Trinidad are currently involved in a very serious "Online war". Comparing this to the celebrity feuds happened in the microblogging site Twitter we witnessed in the past, I would have to say that I have never heard an argument this intense.

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After a rift which lasted for 3 years, The Filipino Flash finally reconciled with his father, Nonito, Sr. However another feud sparked when Chino Trinidad fought back via Twitter after he and his father were especially named by Nonito and his family to be the reason of the misunderstanding inside the Donaire family.

On a video posted on the the official website of Nonito Donaire, Jr., his wife, Rachel, said,

“There are certain people in the media who have gotten fame from tearing our family apart and I think that collectively today, after seeing everything that has been out in the media and talking about what has really hurt us, the source is all the same—it’s all the media.

“So, to those people that thought that they gonna ruin the family and watch us destroy and burn ourselves. To Chino Trinidad, Recah Trinidad, to Anthony Andales, and to Granville Ampong, you’re not gonna destroy the Donaire family. And you better go find another tsismis to go, actually, bring any more hits to your site. Because what you did was unprofessional, it’s digusting, and it’s unlike a Filipino.”

Through Facebook, Nonito, Jr also released his statement on the matter, again naming the Trinidads and other sportswriters,

“Chino, Pinol, n Ampong. Shut up n Leave my family alone: the Donaires n Marcials, esp my wife. Keep talking n ull feel what Montiel felt. U won’t see it, ull just feel it. Sonic Boom!!”

“Oh n btw, Chino, Ampong, n Pinol- Why dont u cm pick a fight with sm1 ur on size huh? ME AND PAPANG also said it was the media. We ALL pointed at U! So back off.”

The statements made Chino Trinidad to fire back and air his side. Via Twitter he said,

“Funny how Mr. And Mrs. Donaire are so afraid of the ghost they created. If they aint stupid enough, maybe they would know that I don’t even have a byline. Maybe they can blame Facebook and Twitter. ”

“Nonito Jr. I am not gonna fight you atop the ring but one thing I know, I will never runaway from a good fight.”

“Nonito Jr, you better ask your a coward of a father in law who used your mother in laws FB account in maligning my character for merely posting a story on your celebrated feud then your tigas t_t_ (read in street lingo as duwag) biyenan after seeing the reaction of my FB friends removed me from his wife’s FB friends but not before the whole whole world saw who the real Gerry Marcial is.

“Kung matapang ka talaga Nonito Jr., alam mo kung saan mo ako makikita. Hihintayin kita. Gaguhin mo na ang lahat- huwag lang ang pangalan namin Hindi ako natatakot sa isang hikain at iyakin. Madami na akong nakita na kagaya mo in this lifetime…”

This is not at all good. I hope they'll talk soon and figure things out. :(

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