Bryanboy, trending on Yahoo! Know more about BB...

Many Noypis want to know about Bryanboy! He is currently the 4th trending topic on Yahoo! Philippines.

Here are some of the things I know about this Pinoy Pride!

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Bryanboy (pen name of Bryan Grey-Yambao) is a 24 year-old Filipino fashion blogger who made it BIG time in the fashion world. Used to be a web developer, he started a blog ( when he was 17 years old at his parent's home in Manila. Contains witty and sometimes b*tchy comments, his blog attracted not only fashion enthusiasts around the world but also some powerful people in the world of fashion including Marc Jacobs, Tanya Dziahileva, Alexandra Agoston, and Rachel Clark.

It appears that because of his blog, he is now based overseas and attends one fashion event after another, many times sitting front row beside elite fashion designers.

He recently was a subject of an exposé, when another blogger linked him to credit card fraud which said to finance his lifestyle abroad. However, BB recently revealed that he is earning $100,000 a year through advertisements and other gigs.

A year ago, he was also featured on Vogue! A handbag was also named after him by Marc Jacobs (the BB ostrich bag)!

WTG Bryanboy! :D

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