Thia Megia bores Randy Jackson with her performance

The only Filipino-American left and the youngest contestant in American Idol Season 10 Thia Megia once again sang a ballad during the "performance night" of the remaining 12 contestants. She sang a song from her birth year, the 1995 Vanessa Williams hit "Color of the Wind".

Thia Megia while performing "Color of the Wind" during last night's episode the "American Idol 10" | Photo courtesy of Fox

Judge Randy Jackson said he find it boring and he felt like he was watching beauty pageant.

"There was nothing special, unique about it. You have the talent. Maybe a different kind of song next time. Dig a little deeper, take some chances cause you can sing. You have a big voice but it's only so safe and it was so boring tonight,” he said.

Thia defended herself by explaining that she chose the song because it fits to "what's going on in the world today."

Judge Jennifer Lopez also commented on Thia's vibrato saying, "I'm not sure if it's nervousness or that's the quality of your vibrato. Either way I don't wanna think about that. So I feel that needs a little bit of working on too. So push out of the box then come out next week and kill it.”

We will find out later tonight if these comments from the judges would send15-year old Thia Megia home.

Check out Thia Megia's "Color of the Wiind" performance below courtesy of Youtube:

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