Angelica Panganiban hater throws below-the-belt tweets

Actress Angelica Panganiban (@IamAngelicaP) recently got into a "Twitter war" with a hater after she tweeted that she opposes Azkal's Phil Younghusband doing a movie.

“Si Phil may indie film? Akala ko ba football player siya??? Lahat na lang artista na. Sad.” Angelica tweeted.

“Sana lang mag focus muna silang lahat sa football. Para sa pinas kasi yun. #justsayin’ after na lang ng tourny mag artista.” She added.

Angelica Panganiban| Photo courtesy of

Some of Angelica's followers in the microblogging site supported the Kapamilya actress' opinion. However, others reacted violently especially this particular Twitter user Baby Morales (@anilmorales) who exchanged nasty tweets with Angelica and gave the actress some below-the-belt comments. One of his/her first tweets to Angelica was:

"@IamAngelicaP bakit? wala kang pakialam kung kami ni phil or not in the same way wla karing pakialama kung may movie siya oh wala!"

When I checked on Morales' profile on Twitter, I cannot anymore see his or those of Angelica's tweets but on Angelica's profile the said tweets of the hater to Angelica are still there.

After the incident, Angelica posted on Twitter a picture of some garbage items which she said came from a fan.

Reports say that Angelica is thinking of taking legal actions to the hater.

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