Philippine Azkals Vs Bangladesh Live Updates | Tweets from Dyan Castillejo and Cedelf Tupas

Here are live updates of the ongoing Philippine Azkals Vs Bangladesh football match from Dyan Castillejo (@DYANCASTILLEJO) and Cedelf Tupas (@cedelfpt) via Twitter.

Final Score: 3-0 in favor of the Azkals! :D Congrats!

4:55 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Players are on the field now. Wearing all blue. Laban #azkals!

4:56 PM: @cedelfpt: The Bangladesh keeper Mamun is as tall as Neil Etheridge

4:58 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Just sang our national anthem. Game`s going to start soon

5:00 PM @cedelfpt kick off

5:01 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh with one striker, Ameli. An early injury stoppage Zahid

5:02 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh playing defensive no 7 down from bangladesh

5:04 PM @cedelfpt first attempt by Angel long range striker straight to the keeper. 4 mins

5:06 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO throw in bangladesh

5:06 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy floats dangerous cross for James but keeper clears 6th min

5:12 PM @cedelfpt Zahid with a shot on goal. brilliant stop by Neil Etheridge 12th min 0-0

5:13 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Ray J. steals ball from bangladesh

5:13 PM @cedelfpt Araneta went for glory, despite his poor position and his shot goes way wide 13th min

5:15 PM @cedelfpt free kick Bangladesh from 35 yards easily collected by Neil

5:17 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy eludes 2 defenders and delivers low shot from tight angle saved by Bang keeper. stil 0-0 17th min

5:18 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Neil taking free kick

5:19 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Recieved by James with a header but Araneta didn`t recieve

5:21 PM @cedelfpt another cross from Chieffy for Ian but Bangladesh clear again 21st min 0-0

5:23 PM @cedelfpt long range strike from Angel easy save by Bang keeper. James earns foul for 25-yard free kick

5:24 PM @cedelfpt Chieffy takes it,shot bounces off the wall.

5:25 PM @cedelfpt Araneta well-marked cant get a touch on those crosses. Chieffy working overtime on the left flank 25th min

5:26 PM @cedelfpt Zahid with an ambitious effort on the counter. shot goes over the bar

5:29 PM @cedelfpt Lucena dispossessed but recovers ball from Zahid. 29th min.

5:30 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 30 minutes, 0-0

5:32 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO good passing bangladesh. well, im nervous, they are keeping the balls well

5:33 PM @cedelfpt Araneta threatens to break but flagged offside. 33rd min. 0-0

5:34 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh if they draw have good chance of qualifying as long as myanmar doesnt win by more than 3 -0. bangladesh taking time

5:37 PM @cedelfpt free kick for James from the right, Anton takes a shot that gets deflected for a corner.

5:38 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO another corner kick philippines chiefy another chance tall bangladesh goalie jumps up catches

5:39 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 39 minutes gone 0--

5:41 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO GOAL BY ARANETA!!! Philippines 1, Bangladesh 0

5:42 PM @cedelfpt Barsales started move from right, passed to Angel who finds space for a shot that was blocked.

5:43 PM @cedelfpt ball falls kindly to Araneta, Keeps his composure 2 beat keeper

5:44 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO corner kick for azkals

5:45 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 1st half just ended

5:46 PM @cedelfpt 1 min of injury time. that was araneta's 9th int'l goal and his first since hat-trick vs Timor in Suzuki Cup qualifying last yr

5:47 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO pinoy flags waving here!!! rejoicing 15vminute break then 45 mins if we win even 1 -0 phils makes history qualifying for challenge cup

6:00 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO 2nd half about to start

6:02 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh also has around 20 to 30 fans here at Aung San Stadium. 2nd half starts #Azkals

6:04 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Foul called for Lucena

6:05 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO foul by angel

6:06 PM @cedelfpt quiet start to the 2nd half for #azkals. ian gets into dangerous area but loses ball.aly intervenes on a couple of through balls

6:08 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh player fouls angel

6:09 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO anton takes free kick

6:10 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO james passes to Ian and Ian heads the ball. ALMOST got another goal!

6:11 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO anton throw in

6:12 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO GOAL BY ANGEL!!! GREAT HEADER. Philippines 2, Bangladesh 0


6:16 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO ref calls off side for bangladesh

6:17 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO foul for bangladesh. Anton takes the kick

6:19 PM @cedelfpt Shouldve been 3-0. quick counter attack Angel releases James on the side, Bang keeper saves shot with his legs. 59th min

6:21 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO yellow card for bangladesh player

6:23 PM @cedelfpt ian hits post on volley, but hes also marginally offside. 63rd min. still 2-0

6:29 PM @cedelfpt Bangladesh shot from outside the box goes wide.

6:31 PM @cedelfpt great through ball from James for Anton, who sends a low cross from the right but keeper quick to collect as Ian rushes to get a touch.

6:32 PM @cedelfpt Gener getting ready to come in #Azkals

6:33 PM @cedelfpt James with another shot from the edge of the area but the Bangladesh defender gets a block. 75th min

6:34 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO bangladesh player fouls James. Aly takes free kick

6:34 PM @cedelfpt it's also worth mentioning the stellar job of the backline of Aly and Sabio,Anton,Ray and Lucena as def midfield #Azkals

6:35 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO Gener sub for cheiffy

6:36 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO great steal by Lucena

6:37 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO ANGEL GOAL AGAIN. Philippines 3, Bangladesh 0

6:40 PM @DYANCASTILLEJO SImon Greatwich in Barsales out

6:44 PM @cedelfpt sub Tuason getting ready to come in for James Younghusband 89th min

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