Noypi needs a SMART way to get connected

Noypi feels bad. This blog of his has been viewed more than 2 million times already and yet he has not introduced himself to its followers. He is sorry for that. :(

So here... To those who wanna know... Noypi is the real nickname of the main author of the Noypistuff blog (hence the title). He is also obviously a Noypi (Filipino) as well. He works as a nurse offline and feeds info-hungry Noypis online through his blogs.

Here are more stuff you need to know about Noypi which explain the title of this post:

Noypi is a home-buddy and spends most of his spare time on the internet and in front of TV- that’s why he is able to share all these info with you all and the main reasons why

• he has NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth);
• he renews his membership annually in the group called SMP (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko); and
• he considers February 14 as SAD (Single Awareness Day).

Yeah! Noypi’s love life is like the newest variant of Coke! It’s ZERO! Hmmmmm... Sad, right? :(

It may also be because he has been school-slaved for the past few years of his life. In those years, he thought the only thing he should be doing was to study, study and study more. He neglected girls flirting with him or he was too innocent to notice those were actually flirtations. Yeah, he is dumbass when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Since he also got focused on his career, he really did not mind being single at his age (early 20’s) - until one day when his college friends decided to have a reunion. It was a big punch on his face realizing that he was one of those who arrived alone during that ‘get-together’. Most of his friends brought their dates. Even his most nerd friend who wears thick eyeglasses was ushered by her boo. Whew!

Yeah, due to ‘peer pressure’ and after realizing that is about time to experience real L-O-V-E (he got a few flings before which unfortunately did not develop into something serious), Noypi felt the need to get connected with someone once again.

But ooooops! How could he possibly do it when he does not really socialize that much? He does not drink nor smoke. It is not a good idea for him then to go to bars for hook-ups. All the girls at his workplace are also tagged “taken”. :(

Hmmmmmm… When he was was trying to find out where it is the most convenient for him to meet people, he suddenly thought, "Why not online???"

It's not a bad idea really. A good number from his age group are hooked up with the internet these days. Almost everyone got a Facebook account already. He also got cousins who have successfully done it (some even ended up to marriage). And thus, he is eager to try his luck online as well. If it won’t work, he could just go out of his way and explore more ways to meet people.

His big problem right now though is his crappy internet connection. He is subscribed to a 512 kbps internet plan. Aside from the fact that it is not that fast, it is also fluctuating every now and then. Check out this screenshot of his latest connection check.

To those who does not know anything about the figures on the picture, it is just this. A good and reliable connection would show a smaller number beside "time=" (less than 500) and "request timed out" should not be seen there since it means data suddenly stopped processing. (You can check yours by opening a command prompt and type "ping -t".)

Now, tell Noypi how bad that is.

Noypi is planning to subscribe to a faster internet speed since he is tired of being disconnected from the Facebook chat and other chatrooms because the connection suddenly is lost. He also cannot blog sometimes because of "Limited Internet Connection" especially when it is raining. That's just 'minus pogi points' keeping a chatmate waiting for you to reconnect, right?

And so, Noypi is now eying on Smart’s 1MBPS canopy broadband plan. It is a decent speed and it's a perfect time he believes since Smart has an ongoing promo right now. The freebies are amazing! Check this out!

Yeah, new SmartBro Home Broadband subscribers get to have a one month subscription, an HP all-in-one printer and a free call & text postpaid sim plan for 6 months - all for FREE! Whew! Awesome, right? No other ISP is as generous.
For further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents. You can also watch Smart's Broadbandest Blowout TVC below to know more:

If his finances would permit him, then he would subscribe right away. He still got an ample time to save since the promo will still be on until June 4 this year.

Uhmmm... By the way, if you’re reading this and you’re single, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your email add, okay? Make it easy for Noypi and start getting connected with him. He's Mama said his 'pogi' naman and a 'good boy'.

He is serious, really. As in really serious.

To those who are not interested, you may just answer the following:

Have you tried online dating? How did it go? Feel free to comment also.

***Before he forgets, Noypi would like to express his gratitude to everyone who has been visiting Noypistuff. He says "THANK YOU" to you all! :D

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