Ariel Peterpan's Scandal Videos Circulate the Web

The vocalist of a multi-award winning Indonesian pop rock band (Peterpan), Ariel Peterpan (or Nazril Irham who is shown right in the picture above) is now being questioned after videos showing his intimate encounters with his girlfriend actress-host Luna Maya (left) and model Cut Tari (center) surfaced the internet recently. Although, the three Indonesian celebrities denied the videos claiming that they were 'engineered.'

The Ariel Peterpan Scandal Videos which is spreading viral in the internet now, consist of 3 sex videos - two of which show his girlfriend and the other one with the popular model.

Regarding who leaked the videos is unknown. It is said that Ariel's video camera was left in the hotel and thus leaked but the Jakarta Police is already tracking down any possibilities.

The spread of them just cannot be stopped. Many websites now offer download of Ariel Peterpan - Luna Maya Scandal Videos as well as Ariel Peterpan - Cut Tari Scandal Video. Twitter and Facebook updates also talk about them.

Nobody seems to be learning from similar scandals of
famous stars in neighboring asian countries (Edison Chen of Hongkong, Gary Ng of Singapore, Hayden Kho of the Philippines and a few more). If you are famous or dreaming to be one, you should not keep videos or pictures of this kind, otherwise you'll be ending your career if they leak. :D