The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Episode 5 Team Standings

I'm a bit sleepy already and so forgive me but I'll just post here the team standings for now.

Here is how the 8 remaining teams fared during the Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Episode 5 which was set in Legazpi, Philippines based on their arrival to the Pitstop:

1. Lim Kok Hon (Ethan), 26, Social Worker | Mohd Khairie, 25, Graduate
Friends, Malaysia

2. Richard Hardin, 34, Pro Basketballer | Richard Herrera, 31, Actor
Friends, The Philippines

3. Claire Goh, 21, Musician | Michelle S. Ng, 22, Actress
Rebel Pals, Singapore

4. Sunaina Gulia, 31, Actress | Dimple Inamdar, 32, Actress
Travel Buddies, India

5. Jacinta James (Jess), 27, Tattooist | Lani Pillinger, 27, Model
Party Girls, The Philippines

6. Ivan Evetovics, 33, University Lecturer | Tengku Hilda, 38, Researcher
Husband and Wife, Malaysia

7. Natasha Sutadisastra, 24, Legal Admin | Hussein Baron S., 53, Educator
Father and Daughter, Indonesia

8. Sahil Banga, 25, Aspiring Actor | Manas Katyal, 23, Reality Show Bachelor
Cousins, India

This is the second win for the Malaysian Friends. On the other hand, the Indian Boys were eliminated from the race for arriving last to the Pitstop.

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