KevJumba and Dad, 3rd on Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 2

I just want to update KevJumba fans out there who missed to watch Episode 2 of Amazing Race Season 17. As we all know, Youtube star, Kevin Wu (KevJumba) and his father, Michael Wu are on the current season of Amazing Race. During the first leg, they came in 7th which I think made the fans a little worried of not seeing the father and son tandem in the next episodes if they'll do worse. Luckily, KevJumba and his Dad stepped it up in the second leg of the race which was set in Accra, Ghana in Africa. They were the third team to arrive in the Pitstop.

During this episode, the teams were tasked to sell shades/eyeglasses to locals in a very crowded African Market. They were also made to choose between setting up TV cables or deliver customized coffins to households.

The Shopping Hosts (Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin) won a 10-day trip to Hawaii for coming first in the Pitstop. While the mother-and-daughter team (Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes) got eliminated for being last.

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