Patrick Dela Rosa Rape Case Intensifies

Here are the latest developments on the rape case against Patrick Dela Rosa:

*Last Monday, the actor-turned-politician Patrick Dela Rosa has been transferred to a bigger prison after officially charged of raping a 20-year old lady whom she had a drink with on October 8, 2010 night. In a GMA7 report, Dela Rosa denied the allegations.

*Yesterday on an ABS-CBN report, the 3 witnesses changed their statements which now favor Patrick Dela Rosa. The female witnesses who are complainant's friends, said that their friend confided to them that there was no rape that happened during that night and that they became witnesses after seeing the actor and the complainant naked on the bed together. They added that their friend slept with another man earlier that day.

*Earlier today, the Medico-legal report has been released. According to the report, the plaintiff is positive for abrasions on her genitals denoting forced entry. However, there was no semen sample found.

I am speechless (as always, :D). What can you say about this?

You can comment on the hot photo of Patrick Dela Rosa also. :D

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