Kevjumba and His Dad, 4th on the Norway Leg of the Amazing Race Season 17

Kevin Wu (KevJumba of Youtube) and Michael Wu (his dad) maintained their 4th place spot in the most recent episode of the Amazing Race Season 17 which was set in Norway.

During the 'Roadblock', KevJumba insisted to do the task since it is very physical which his 59 year-old father may not be able to do. KevJumba rappelled down from a bridge to get the clue from a boat below and rappelled back up using his own strength. In the 'Detour', the father and son tandem chose to be on a boat to send fish and chainsaw to a certain direction rather biking uphill since again it may be difficult for Michael.

In the end, KevJumba and his dad arrived to the Pitstop 4th. 'The Doctors' won the leg after finishing the Fast Forward task where they had to do a Viking Christmas Ritual where they had to eat an animals head. The 'Volleyball Friends' were sent home for arriving last in the Pitstop.

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