Gary Ng, the Hayden Kho of Singapore, arrested!

Singapore has its own Hayden Kho who documented his sexual encounters with girls in the person of Gary Ng. Although Gary Ng is no celebrity, posting the scandalous videos on his blog and forums made him become an instant celebrity, worldwide. Unlike Hayden, Gary has been very careful with his videos, though. He made sure that the face of the girl can't be seen clearly. Reports say that a total of 33 short videos has been uploaded by Gary Ng which showed 22 different women including beer girls, friends' nieces, university students, trainee nurses and neighbours' daughters.
Asiaonenews confirms that Gary Ng has been arrested in an article dated October 26, 2010. The report says that women filed a complaint to the police since they were allegedly cheated of money by the 28-year-old unemployed Chinese man. Gary Ng is currently bailed out from jail and is due to be charged soon.

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