Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dancing Video Goes Viral

The 'Cebu Pacific Airlines Flight Attendants Dancing Video' has grown viral in the internet. Uploaded just 2 days ago, the video already has 2 million hits and counting. The video shows the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific airlines dancing their pre-flight safety measures demonstration to the tune of Lady Gagas’ Just Dance and Katy Perry’s California Girls..

Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing, Candice Iyog in an interview says, "Cebu Pacific has always been known as the fun airline and this is just another way to bring out our culture as an airline. Being the largest airline can still be fun especially as we showcase homegrown talent, too."

I wonder who the pretty girl in the video is. For sure, it's an instant stardom for her. I will not be surprised to see her on TV the coming days.

I have been in a couple of flights of Cebu Pacific and they indeed have this kind of fun stuff. I remember they held a trivia game one time I was on their flight.

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