KevJumba and Dad Came in Last on Amazing Race 17 Episode 3

My exclusive KevJumba and Dad coverage on Amazing Race Season 17 continues as the third episode concluded just a while ago.

Still in Ghana, the third leg was an emotional one for Kevin Wu (a Youtube celebrity popularly known as KevJumba) and Michael Wu (Kevin's father) since they almost gave up racing after a task which entailed so much physical effort to the 59 year-old father. The hot African weather also added on Michael's burden who cried and said sorry to his son and that he cannot do the task anymore.

However, after having checked by a medical officer and with the determination of proving his son that they are a team, Michael stood up and continued the task. Although they were able to finish it, it was already late since all other teams were already at the Pitstop. Yes, KevJumba and his father were last to arrive at the Pitstop but they were not eliminated because it was the first predetermined non-elimination league.

For sure there will still be more physical tasks on the coming episodes and thus, KevJumba fans are I believe a bit worried right now. :D

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