Online Money Making: Linkbucks 1st Payment - $15

I just cashed out today my first set of earnings at Linkbucks. Yeah, it's a set of earnings since I could withdraw already when I have at least $5 but then I decided to wait until it reached this much. Do you know that cashing out at linkbucks is like withdrawing from an ATM, it's automatic? Like in less than a second, the money was already on my Paypal. This has been the fastest cashing out I have done so far.

So, what is Linkbucks? How do we earn from it?

The name itself would somehow give you an idea. We make money with our link. We only have to convert this link to an earning link. The process of converting is also very fast and easy. Every click of that link earns us something. The catch is that we let the site advertise on the page where the link leads to. Actually there are 3 options:

*Intermission. Before the clicker could see the page, he has to view a page containing advertisements for 15 seconds. This can be skipped, though. This has the highest pay rate, $1 per 2000 clicks of your link. This also is the most annoying so I don't use it since I don't wanna lose my blog visitors in another blog I own.

*Pop-up. Everytime someone clicks on the link a pop-out advertisement comes out. This earns us $1/2500 clicks. I am also annoyed with pop-ups, I don't use this as well.

*Top Banner. I am more at ease on this one. It appears to be harmlesss to me. The clicker will be directed immediately on the page only that there is a Linkbucks banner on the top. Nothing on the page will be covered with the banner, though. I am using this. This only pays $1 per 4545 clicks.

The site has been paying for quite sometime now. And they pay fast. You'll be amazed, I tell you. If you wanna join the site, just click the banner below. I'll tell you my tips if you become my referral. So don't do anything else but click the banner below. :-)

-Noypi here

Online Money Making: High Yield Investment Program

It's been a while since I last wrote something about online money making in here. I got busy finding a new blog template and tried other money making sites which I could share to you in here.

Here's my newest find: High Yield Investment Program or HYIP. From the term itself, the program allows you to profit from your investment faster than banks offer. My readings say that this is very risky since many HYIP sites are actually turning into scams as time goes by. Paypal does not even allow HYIP sites to use them as a money processor. Most of HYIP sites use Alertpay, Strictpay, and/or Libertyreserve. When I tried to discuss it in Mylot forum, I received many negative views on the program. Although I also got a few good advices from the respondents. Here's what they say:

*Some are actually legit and paying only that they have a potential to become scams in the future. And so search for new ones and invest your money in just a short time and leave.

*Don't be greedy.

*If you want to stay longer, invest what you can afford to lose.

My Experience

Since I was able to see some payment proofs from the HYIP site whose banner is posted above, and since I have a couple of dollars in my Libery Reserve account and since they were new (a few days old) when I signed up, I invested $2 to the site. The site offers a daily 104% return of investment whose denomination is less than $50. There are also other plans ranging from 104%-127% with corresponding number of days.

What I did was I reinvested the profit and my initial investment until after exactly 17 days (should have been shorter if I realized earlier that I can invest more than a certain amount when I had an error which made me chose a lower amount...) , my $2 became $6+. I withdrew and they paid me.

I went back to Mylot and asked for more advices whether I should continue. The responses made me decide to just invest back half of the profit which is $2+. At the moment, I have $3 there. I am not really confident about the site since there are unrefined things in it. I just hope though that I could withdraw my money before they turn into scam.

Wish me luck.

-Noypi here

On August 2009 Philippine Geology, Mining Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering Licensure (Board) Exam Results

Update (08/20/09) Geologist Exam Results Released! Click here!

Maybe the fact that not so many are taking up and graduating from these three courses namely Geology, Mining Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering; Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) had their Board Exams held simultaneously on August 18-20, 2009. Since it definitely saves time, effort and money, it is a good thing that this government agency is being practical about it (not every government agency is). But before this article becomes a political one, let me tell you about I promised you - to give you information on where the results of the said exams could be found first when they come.

I have been writing about the different board exams held in the Philippines and most of the results are being found first online in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Website called However, with my experience on the previously released exam results of August 2009 Philippine Physicians Licensure Exam, I noticed that the website was late in posting it since I found it first in a blog. Maybe the blog owner has a contact with a PRC personnel and thus allowing him to post the results first. But most of the time they are posted first in the Inquirer website.

You may also want to know how long are the results usually released?

If it would be Nurses Board it usually takes months but for other board exams sometimes the results come out just for a week or two or even less.

August 2009 Philippine Geologist Board Exam Results

Twenty-three out of the 38 who took the August 2009 Philippine Geologist Board Exam passed. Below is the list of successful examinees:



Lady Gaga, a Copy Cat?

Let's play a 'spot-the-difference' game in here. Below are sets of two pics. Tell me if there's any difference you can find. Here's Stage 1...

Wow! You are so fast there.. How about Stage 2?

Good Job! Now try Solving Stage 3!

Unbelievable! Great Job! Here's the last Stage:

Congrats! Pretty easy, huh? Lol.. They are actually two different pics. The pics on the left are photos of an Irish electro-music artist, Roisin Murphy. The right pics on the other hand are Lady Gaga's who obviously copied her look from Murphy. I wonder if Murphy copied hers from someone else and that would make them both certified copy cats only of different generations... Lol...

-Noypi here

Photos take from: Idolator

Survivor Philippines Palau's Justine, a Transgender

As she bid farewell to the competition, Survivor Philippines Palau's Justine Ferrer confessed her true identity - that she used to be a he. Hmmmm... People are saying that this is actually the reason why she was voted off by her tribemates, that they are not that comfortable with her sexuality. But yeah, I'm one of those who thought that she's really a she. Lol.. No wonder why she got those perfect b**bs.. nyaheehe..

Justine is a 29-year-old businesswoman from Caloocan. She's the first to be sent home.

Axe 'Call Me' Promo

Let me start off my brand new addition to my blog, promos and freebies, with this rather naughty and mysterious promo Axe, the deo spray brand, is having. I have seen it advertised a couple of times in TV. I just noticed it now online when I checked on my Yahoo mail. The TV commercial is somewhat fast, you need to see it many times to memorize and note the number that you are to call. In the online version of the advertisement, you only have to look for the number on the girl model's picture using an 'online magnifying glass'.

Yeah, the only mechanics you have to follow is to call the number - 09088933333. I tried calling once but I cannot get through. I'll be trying it out in some other time, though.

-Noypi Here

1,680 New Philippine Doctors Announced : August 2009 Physician (Medical) Board Exam Result

Philippine Regulation Commission announced earlier this day a total of 1,680 (71.28% of the 2357 exam takers) new Filipino Physicians who made it successful in the recently concluded August 2009 Philippine Physicians Licensure Examination.

The following are the Top 10 Examinees:
  • 1. Melissa Paulita Villaflor Mariano – University of Santo Tomas (88.17%);
  • 2. Erick Sta. Rosa Mendoza – University of Santo Tomas (88.00%);
  • 3. Katrina Mae Salcedo Gamponia – University of Santo Tomas (87.67%);
  • 4. Tom Edward Ngo Lo – University of the Philippines-Manila (87.58%);
  • 5. Riavic Quiday Fuentes – Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (87.42%);
  • 6. Joseph Borromeo Villanueva – University of Santo Tomas (87.17%);
  • 7. Ricky Helmuth Hipolito – University of Santo Tomas (87.08%);
  • 8. Jaime Alfonso Manalo Aherrera – De La Salle University-DasmariƱas Health Science Campus (87.00%);
  • Vincent Bryan De Guia Salvador – University of the Philippines-Manila (87.00%);
  • 9. Herbert Zulueta Manaois – University of Santo Tomas (86.92%);
  • Ana Noelle Mingo Monisit – Cebu Institute of Medicine (86.92%);
  • 10. Melanie Timboy Estolas – University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Mem. Medical Ctr. (86.83%)

Check out the link below for the list of successful examinees:

2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Preview

It's getting hot in here!!!

I am not really a fan of Twitter. I signed up an account a couple of months ago just to check it out because many people are talking about it. I never came back since then after finding out that it's actually boring there. I came back the other day, though since a tv show told me that Sports Illustrated's (SI) Twitter account posted preview pics of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I'm a fan of the cover girl, Brooklyn Decker, so I immediately checked it out. She's just so hot!!! More photoshoot pics posted in SI's Twitter account are posted below (click on the pic to enlarge):

Pinay Scandal - Everything Scandalous

This is more scandalous than Katrina Halili - Hayden Kho Tape!!!

Pinay Scandal - Kagay-anons, Most H*rny Filipinos?

People of Cagayan de Oro call themselves 'Kagay-anons'. Their city has been famous for White Water Rafting, some adventure parks and as being a gateway to enchanting island of Camiguin, marvelous mountains of Bukidnon, and the mesmerizing waterfalls of Iligan City. With what I discovered while searching for the 'Searching Trends' of the most searched word in the Philippines, 'Pinay Scandal', it seems like they can be famous of another thing, being the most... (lol, it's in the title). Sorry Kagay-anons, there is an evidence you can't deny. Nyahahaha. Check below.
The data was taken from Google Trends on August 16, 2009.

Where to find the August 2009 Philippine Physicians Licensure (Board) Examination Results

On August 8, 9, 15 & 16, 2009, at various testing centers in Davao, Cebu and Manila, Medicine graduates all over the Philippines will face their last test to finally have that most desired "M.D." beside their name. I don't think it is their toughest challenge though. Back in the Med School, I believe they have undergone several challenges we can't imagine. Successful or not in this new endeavor, they have proven themselves by graduating in the course. The exams could sometimes become unpredictable and failing does not suggest that one is incapable of becoming a registered physician.

However, the struggle does not end after taking the exam. Just immediately after taking it, another set of sleepless nights would be spent thinking whether they pass or not. Well, I just hope they know the remedy on this agony of waiting. But yeah, the internet would be the fastest source of the results. One may ask where to find it first? Many blogs offer this and that but the main source really of any Philippine Board Exam results is the Philippine Daily Inquirer Website called This is not Philippine Nursing Licensure Exams with 80,000+ takers and thus the results of August 2009 Physicians Board Examination would already be available in a week or two after the exam date.

My Congratulations to every exam taker of the August 2009 Philippine Physicians Board Examination! I salute each and every one of you! Good luck on your exams and on the results!

Pinay Scandal – Filipino Women in Scandalous Videos

I wonder if there is still a city in the Philippines with no infamous video of this kind. (Ilo-ilo Scandal, Davao Scandal, Cagayan de Oro Scandal, Baguio Scandal, Batangas Scandal – just can’t name them all.)

How about a university? (La Salle Scandal, XU Scandal, Adamson Scandal, Ateneo de Davao Scandal, etc. etc. and even a High School in Davao has one!)

What about a famous local female celebrity? For sure there is one video coined to her name – real or not. (Angel Locsin, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Ethel Booba, Maui Taylor to name a few.)

Hmmm... A hotel? Government Agencies? Banks? Malls?

With the advent of technology, video recording intimate encounters seems to be very easy nowadays. There would be nothing wrong about it I guess for as long as it is going to be of personal use. But often they were not intended for it. Some use it to brag to their friends or simply to exploit the woman. Technology also made these videos spread faster with internet uploading and other ways of file sharing. In fact, the keyword ‘Pinay Scandal’ is said to be one of the top keywords being searched in the Philippines since 2005. Google Trends also revealed that most searches for “Pinay Scandal” came from Cagayan De Oro with Makati and Manila following.

This is obviously immorality and this has to end. I hope our legislatures would come up with the law they promised soon. What a shame that the country is a well-known Christian Nation and yet all these things are happening.

Withdraw Your Paypal Funds Without A Verified Account

Not so many can avail credit or debit cards, not to mention it's a long process to have one. Unfortunately, you need to have either of these types of cards to verify your account at Paypal so that you can withdraw your funds from there. Thanks to a Mylot friend and she helped me remember this easy process of withdrawing your money from Paypal. She used it herself and she got her Paypal money in minutes! I have used it once, too when a friend sent me money from abroad and yeah, I got it in a matter of minutes, too. How fast is that?

The idea is that we can actually do online transactions even our Paypal account is not yet verified. We send funds to a friend, do an online purchase, bid at Ebay, etc. only that it is limited to $500. Same thing is true with this process. This is an Online Money Transfer site like Western Union but said to be up to 50% cheaper. The site has an option to use Paypal. It's the same thing as purchasing online then. It is also available in many countries including the Philippines, India, Thailand, Brazil and the rest of Latin America, United Kingdom and a lot more. For more information please check the site by clicking the picture below.

Don't Stand in line. Xoom it online!

Smart Bro Troubleshooting: 'Limited or No Connection'

Since we are paying less, sometimes services of our chosen ISP get crappy. A couple of times I received this error: :'Limited or no connection'. Wondering how I fix mine if I receive this problem? I usually just unplug the Smart Bro thing, whatever they call that cable thing that we attach on our CPU, from the source of electricity. I then just wait for a few seconds after I close the message 'Cable unplugged' before I plug it back. I then notice that the computer logo on my taskbar is something like searching. It says 'Cable unplugged' again after a few turns but it immediately goes back searching again after like a second. It would say again 'Limited or no connection' for a second but after which it's cool. I can now able to use my internet after that. One time though it only worked the second time I unplugged the cable. Yeah, this is actually the same thing the Customer Service Rep would ask you to do if you would call them for this problem. That's according to my cousin. But yeah, I am not sure if it would work for you as well. Just give it a try I guess. (photo: courtesy of

Finally Got My Jollibee Thermal Mug

Lol... Yeah, I got excited when I knew about this promo Jollibee's having wherein the fastfood chain is giving away a FREE thermal mug for their customer's 8 purchases of their value meals plus a peach mango pie for each meal. I have been looking for a thermal mug since College days since I needed it during night shifts in the hospital. However, I have not really seen the kind of design as this one which I like so much. Also now that I am about to work, I guess it is just so timely. Although I don't usually order the pie thing, I ordered 8 successive times just to have the mug. lol. Yeah, the promo will end July 31st. You can still catch up if you want one!