Online Money Making: High Yield Investment Program

It's been a while since I last wrote something about online money making in here. I got busy finding a new blog template and tried other money making sites which I could share to you in here.

Here's my newest find: High Yield Investment Program or HYIP. From the term itself, the program allows you to profit from your investment faster than banks offer. My readings say that this is very risky since many HYIP sites are actually turning into scams as time goes by. Paypal does not even allow HYIP sites to use them as a money processor. Most of HYIP sites use Alertpay, Strictpay, and/or Libertyreserve. When I tried to discuss it in Mylot forum, I received many negative views on the program. Although I also got a few good advices from the respondents. Here's what they say:

*Some are actually legit and paying only that they have a potential to become scams in the future. And so search for new ones and invest your money in just a short time and leave.

*Don't be greedy.

*If you want to stay longer, invest what you can afford to lose.

My Experience

Since I was able to see some payment proofs from the HYIP site whose banner is posted above, and since I have a couple of dollars in my Libery Reserve account and since they were new (a few days old) when I signed up, I invested $2 to the site. The site offers a daily 104% return of investment whose denomination is less than $50. There are also other plans ranging from 104%-127% with corresponding number of days.

What I did was I reinvested the profit and my initial investment until after exactly 17 days (should have been shorter if I realized earlier that I can invest more than a certain amount when I had an error which made me chose a lower amount...) , my $2 became $6+. I withdrew and they paid me.

I went back to Mylot and asked for more advices whether I should continue. The responses made me decide to just invest back half of the profit which is $2+. At the moment, I have $3 there. I am not really confident about the site since there are unrefined things in it. I just hope though that I could withdraw my money before they turn into scam.

Wish me luck.

-Noypi here

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