Online Money Making: Linkbucks 1st Payment - $15

I just cashed out today my first set of earnings at Linkbucks. Yeah, it's a set of earnings since I could withdraw already when I have at least $5 but then I decided to wait until it reached this much. Do you know that cashing out at linkbucks is like withdrawing from an ATM, it's automatic? Like in less than a second, the money was already on my Paypal. This has been the fastest cashing out I have done so far.

So, what is Linkbucks? How do we earn from it?

The name itself would somehow give you an idea. We make money with our link. We only have to convert this link to an earning link. The process of converting is also very fast and easy. Every click of that link earns us something. The catch is that we let the site advertise on the page where the link leads to. Actually there are 3 options:

*Intermission. Before the clicker could see the page, he has to view a page containing advertisements for 15 seconds. This can be skipped, though. This has the highest pay rate, $1 per 2000 clicks of your link. This also is the most annoying so I don't use it since I don't wanna lose my blog visitors in another blog I own.

*Pop-up. Everytime someone clicks on the link a pop-out advertisement comes out. This earns us $1/2500 clicks. I am also annoyed with pop-ups, I don't use this as well.

*Top Banner. I am more at ease on this one. It appears to be harmlesss to me. The clicker will be directed immediately on the page only that there is a Linkbucks banner on the top. Nothing on the page will be covered with the banner, though. I am using this. This only pays $1 per 4545 clicks.

The site has been paying for quite sometime now. And they pay fast. You'll be amazed, I tell you. If you wanna join the site, just click the banner below. I'll tell you my tips if you become my referral. So don't do anything else but click the banner below. :-)

-Noypi here

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