On August 2009 Philippine Geology, Mining Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering Licensure (Board) Exam Results

Update (08/20/09) Geologist Exam Results Released! Click here!

Maybe the fact that not so many are taking up and graduating from these three courses namely Geology, Mining Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering; Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) had their Board Exams held simultaneously on August 18-20, 2009. Since it definitely saves time, effort and money, it is a good thing that this government agency is being practical about it (not every government agency is). But before this article becomes a political one, let me tell you about I promised you - to give you information on where the results of the said exams could be found first when they come.

I have been writing about the different board exams held in the Philippines and most of the results are being found first online in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Website called www.inquirer.net. However, with my experience on the previously released exam results of August 2009 Philippine Physicians Licensure Exam, I noticed that the website was late in posting it since I found it first in a blog. Maybe the blog owner has a contact with a PRC personnel and thus allowing him to post the results first. But most of the time they are posted first in the Inquirer website.

You may also want to know how long are the results usually released?

If it would be Nurses Board it usually takes months but for other board exams sometimes the results come out just for a week or two or even less.

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