Pinay Scandal - Kagay-anons, Most H*rny Filipinos?

People of Cagayan de Oro call themselves 'Kagay-anons'. Their city has been famous for White Water Rafting, some adventure parks and as being a gateway to enchanting island of Camiguin, marvelous mountains of Bukidnon, and the mesmerizing waterfalls of Iligan City. With what I discovered while searching for the 'Searching Trends' of the most searched word in the Philippines, 'Pinay Scandal', it seems like they can be famous of another thing, being the most... (lol, it's in the title). Sorry Kagay-anons, there is an evidence you can't deny. Nyahahaha. Check below.
The data was taken from Google Trends on August 16, 2009.

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