Where to find the August 2009 Philippine Physicians Licensure (Board) Examination Results

On August 8, 9, 15 & 16, 2009, at various testing centers in Davao, Cebu and Manila, Medicine graduates all over the Philippines will face their last test to finally have that most desired "M.D." beside their name. I don't think it is their toughest challenge though. Back in the Med School, I believe they have undergone several challenges we can't imagine. Successful or not in this new endeavor, they have proven themselves by graduating in the course. The exams could sometimes become unpredictable and failing does not suggest that one is incapable of becoming a registered physician.

However, the struggle does not end after taking the exam. Just immediately after taking it, another set of sleepless nights would be spent thinking whether they pass or not. Well, I just hope they know the remedy on this agony of waiting. But yeah, the internet would be the fastest source of the results. One may ask where to find it first? Many blogs offer this and that but the main source really of any Philippine Board Exam results is the Philippine Daily Inquirer Website called http://www.inq7.net. This is not Philippine Nursing Licensure Exams with 80,000+ takers and thus the results of August 2009 Physicians Board Examination would already be available in a week or two after the exam date.

My Congratulations to every exam taker of the August 2009 Philippine Physicians Board Examination! I salute each and every one of you! Good luck on your exams and on the results!

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