Ian Batherson Gay Pictures?

The Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown castaway, Ian Batherson already denied that he is gay in a couple of interviews. But how was he even rumored to be gay when the Filipino-German hunk looks so masculine? A fellow castaway, Pretty Trizsa said to have started this after noticing extra closeness (coined 'Bromance') between Ian and another celebrity castaway, Ahron Villena. Ahron also said it may be because of the way Ian speaks - that it sounds a little 'effeminate'. The following pictures may also be the reasons why...

He may look gay on those pics but that does not mean Ian Batherson really is gay. And besides, Ian already denied the rumor. :D

I already posted the 'Is Ian Batherson Gay?' issue before. If you want to check it out, just go here.

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