KevJumba and Dad Wiser and Luckier on The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 5

KevJumba (Kevin Wu) and his Dad (Michael Wu) were on the last place the previous leg and so their fans were somehow anticipating that the 5th episode of the Amazing Race Season 17 would be the last time they will see their idols on the show. However, being wiser and luckier this time around the father and son were able to pull themselves back on the race. Let me tell you how.

Having limited flights in Ghana, the teams were all scheduled on the same flight to the next venue of the race, Sweden -they were not obligated to be on this flight, though. Kevin thought of calling the airline company for a sooner flight using the taxi driver's phone - he was able to confirm that there was. The other teams were not able to to think about it except 'The Doctors' who booked the flight online. Together with two other teams whom they shared the info about the earlier flights on, 'The Doctors' and 'KevJumba and Dad' arrived in Sweden with a 2-hour advantage against the rest of the teams.

Fourth to arrive at the Ice Hotel for their clue, Kevin and Michael had to do their penalty task for being last the previous leg. They had to wait for 10 minutes before they can get their clue while sitting on a chair maid out of ice. Wearing only soccer shorts, this was not an all an easy task for Kevin.

Kevin and Michael immediately headed back to the race. They got lucky in navigating that they were able to do and finish the 'Roadblock' first. In the 'Detour' though, in consideration of Michael's condition they had to choose the less physical task but longer to finish task where they had to build a native tent than the faster task which to sledge down the slopes of a mountain in less than 1 minute and 58 seconds.

At the end, Kevjumba and his father arrived 4th at the Pitstop. 'The Doctors" won a Belize Vacation for being first. While, the 'Acapella Singers' got eliminated for placing last.


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