Interesting Info about Mark Herras Webcam Scandal Photos

The alleged Mark Herras Webcam Scandal photos first came out in a Filipino forum just a couple of days ago. Some members from that forum did a little investigation and found out the following:

1. There are pictures of Mark Herras wearing similar, if not the same top the guy on the webcam shot wore. Check out Mark Herras wearing the shirt below (Visit this post for comparison: ) :

2. A forum member also made a comparison on Mark Herras' navel ("pusod"/"puson") and found a similarity:

3. One also found an old pic of Mark Herras wearing a similar necklace:

4. A TV show once featured Mark Herras' room. Check out the similarities on the one on the alleged webcam scandal here:

5. Another member also copied the Facebook link that can be found on the photo. He made known that it is owned by a person named Dheyle Dizon. He knew that Dheyle Dizon is a Filipino male model. This would mean that the owner of that Facebook account was the one who took the screen capture of the alleged Mark Herras Webcam Photos since the Facebook account was logged in. The owner of that account, though, according to that forum member later changed his account name in Facebook. He also searched for Facebook account names that can found on the scandalous photos and found out their owners.

Here is the proof of his investigation:

6. Lastly, in an interview before, Mark Herras denied about showing on cam which was registered to be 'lie' in a polygraph or lie detector test. Check out below:

What do you think? Are these enough proofs? Please don't get me wrong. I am merely presenting what I found. :D

Download here the uncensored version of the alleged Mark Herras Webcam Scandal Pictures (18+ content, reader's discretion needed before downloading... thanks)

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