Withdraw Your Paypal Funds Without A Verified Account

Not so many can avail credit or debit cards, not to mention it's a long process to have one. Unfortunately, you need to have either of these types of cards to verify your account at Paypal so that you can withdraw your funds from there. Thanks to a Mylot friend and she helped me remember this easy process of withdrawing your money from Paypal. She used it herself and she got her Paypal money in minutes! I have used it once, too when a friend sent me money from abroad and yeah, I got it in a matter of minutes, too. How fast is that?

The idea is that we can actually do online transactions even our Paypal account is not yet verified. We send funds to a friend, do an online purchase, bid at Ebay, etc. only that it is limited to $500. Same thing is true with this process. This is an Online Money Transfer site like Western Union but said to be up to 50% cheaper. The site has an option to use Paypal. It's the same thing as purchasing online then. It is also available in many countries including the Philippines, India, Thailand, Brazil and the rest of Latin America, United Kingdom and a lot more. For more information please check the site by clicking the picture below.

Don't Stand in line. Xoom it online!

Smart Bro Troubleshooting: 'Limited or No Connection'

Since we are paying less, sometimes services of our chosen ISP get crappy. A couple of times I received this error: :'Limited or no connection'. Wondering how I fix mine if I receive this problem? I usually just unplug the Smart Bro thing, whatever they call that cable thing that we attach on our CPU, from the source of electricity. I then just wait for a few seconds after I close the message 'Cable unplugged' before I plug it back. I then notice that the computer logo on my taskbar is something like searching. It says 'Cable unplugged' again after a few turns but it immediately goes back searching again after like a second. It would say again 'Limited or no connection' for a second but after which it's cool. I can now able to use my internet after that. One time though it only worked the second time I unplugged the cable. Yeah, this is actually the same thing the Customer Service Rep would ask you to do if you would call them for this problem. That's according to my cousin. But yeah, I am not sure if it would work for you as well. Just give it a try I guess. (photo: courtesy of http://www.thedogatetheroastbeef.com/)

Finally Got My Jollibee Thermal Mug

Lol... Yeah, I got excited when I knew about this promo Jollibee's having wherein the fastfood chain is giving away a FREE thermal mug for their customer's 8 purchases of their value meals plus a peach mango pie for each meal. I have been looking for a thermal mug since College days since I needed it during night shifts in the hospital. However, I have not really seen the kind of design as this one which I like so much. Also now that I am about to work, I guess it is just so timely. Although I don't usually order the pie thing, I ordered 8 successive times just to have the mug. lol. Yeah, the promo will end July 31st. You can still catch up if you want one!