Smart Bro Troubleshooting: 'Limited or No Connection'

Since we are paying less, sometimes services of our chosen ISP get crappy. A couple of times I received this error: :'Limited or no connection'. Wondering how I fix mine if I receive this problem? I usually just unplug the Smart Bro thing, whatever they call that cable thing that we attach on our CPU, from the source of electricity. I then just wait for a few seconds after I close the message 'Cable unplugged' before I plug it back. I then notice that the computer logo on my taskbar is something like searching. It says 'Cable unplugged' again after a few turns but it immediately goes back searching again after like a second. It would say again 'Limited or no connection' for a second but after which it's cool. I can now able to use my internet after that. One time though it only worked the second time I unplugged the cable. Yeah, this is actually the same thing the Customer Service Rep would ask you to do if you would call them for this problem. That's according to my cousin. But yeah, I am not sure if it would work for you as well. Just give it a try I guess. (photo: courtesy of

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