Pinay Scandal – Filipino Women in Scandalous Videos

I wonder if there is still a city in the Philippines with no infamous video of this kind. (Ilo-ilo Scandal, Davao Scandal, Cagayan de Oro Scandal, Baguio Scandal, Batangas Scandal – just can’t name them all.)

How about a university? (La Salle Scandal, XU Scandal, Adamson Scandal, Ateneo de Davao Scandal, etc. etc. and even a High School in Davao has one!)

What about a famous local female celebrity? For sure there is one video coined to her name – real or not. (Angel Locsin, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Ethel Booba, Maui Taylor to name a few.)

Hmmm... A hotel? Government Agencies? Banks? Malls?

With the advent of technology, video recording intimate encounters seems to be very easy nowadays. There would be nothing wrong about it I guess for as long as it is going to be of personal use. But often they were not intended for it. Some use it to brag to their friends or simply to exploit the woman. Technology also made these videos spread faster with internet uploading and other ways of file sharing. In fact, the keyword ‘Pinay Scandal’ is said to be one of the top keywords being searched in the Philippines since 2005. Google Trends also revealed that most searches for “Pinay Scandal” came from Cagayan De Oro with Makati and Manila following.

This is obviously immorality and this has to end. I hope our legislatures would come up with the law they promised soon. What a shame that the country is a well-known Christian Nation and yet all these things are happening.

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