Philippine Azkals Hottie #3: Mark Drinkuth (Bio and Pictures)

Philippine Azkals Hottie #3: Mark Drinkuth (Bio and Pictures)

Since they are really getting popular not just in the Philippines but in neighboring countries as well after the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, I thought of compiling the bios and photos of the good looking team members of the Philippine National Football team who call themselves "The Azkals" (Philippine Azkals). Expect to find a post like this in the coming days. Here is Noypistuff's third installment of the Philippine Azkals Hottie series:

Mark Drinkuth

Age: 19

Birthday: June 12

Hometown: Dusseldorf, West Germany

Position: Midfielder; striker

Dating status: Taken

How long have you been in your relationship? I’ve been with my girlfriend for five years now.

When did you start playing football? I was 4.

How did you start? Who got you into it? My father. He also used to play football, and he would take me to watch the games and play with me. Football is very big in Germany, so it’s really not uncommon.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I go to the cinema, watch movies. I also go shopping, hang out, maybe eat.

What do you like eating? That’s hard. Maybe pizza.

Do you go to the Philippines often? The last time I was here was six years ago. But I plan to come here more often now.

What do you like most about the Philippines? The people! All of them are very warm and friendly. They say hi to you, and they smile at you even if you don’t know them at all. They’ve been very welcoming to all of us, everyone is nice. It’s not like that in Germany.

What advice can you give aspiring Pinoy football players? Just practice and work really hard on what you love.

Here are more photos of Philippine Azkals' Mark Drinkuth:

Bio and interview courtesy of Stef Cabal and Sasha Lim Uy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Photos courtesy of their owners.

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