Jang Ja Yeon suicide case may undergo reinvestigation after 2 years

Jang Ja Yeon is a Korean actress who hanged herself at her house 2 years ago (March 7, 2009) after suffering from depression. Then a rising star in South Korea after her role in the phenomenal "Boys Over Flowers" TV series, the actress left a 7-page suicide note that accused her management agency of forcing her to attend drinking parties and provide sexual favors to journalists, prominent businessmen and entertainment agency officials.

Jang Ja Yeon | Photos courtesy of 21cb.net

After a police investigation in 2009, 2 people from Jang's agency were charged and convicted of minor offenses and given light sentences. These drew some doubts and intense criticisms.

Recently, 50 new handwritten diary-like letters sent to a friend over the course of many months which were allegedly written Jang Ja Yeon have surfaced. They contain names of 31 people whom the actress was forced to have sex with - some of the 31 names were already investigated by police in 2009 but were all acquitted.

Now, the case grew into a sensational scandal over who was on "Jang's list". The police are said to reopen an investigation of Jang's case after the authenticity of the letters will be determined.

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