American Idol 10 says 'goodbye' to Ashton Jones | Thia Megia saved!

Last Thursday, the Top 13 contestants of the 10th season of the talent search "American Idol" performed a song from their favorite artists. Immediately after the live episode, viewers were given a chance to vote for their picks - to those who does not know this happens every 'performance night' where its results will determine who gets to be eliminated from the show the next episode, the 'results night'.

During yesterday's 'results night' episode, the 'bottom three', the three contestants who got the least number of votes, were announced. They were Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart. Ashton Jones who sang the Diana Ross song "When You tell Me That You Love Me" was sent home.

This means that Filipino-American Thia Megia got enough votes to be in the competition still. However, I hope that she would perform better next week and develop a more lively and interesting character so that she'll go along way in the competition.

One of the contestants, Casey Adams, was not present during last night's episode since he was hospitalized. Adam Lambert and Diddy-Dirty Money also guested the show last night.

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