Thia Megia, Naima Adebapo bid farewell to their American Idol journey

Nope. This is not an April Fools' joke -wish it is. (Be careful though on what you read in other sites, today. Lol)

16 year-old Filipino American Thia Megia and fellow AI contestant Naima Adebapo | Courtesy of Google Images/Fox

Despite Thia Megia's beautiful rendition of Elton John's song "Daniel", she was one of the two contestants who have been voted out from the latest season of the "American Idol". Naima Adebapo also was ousted during the double elimination March 31 (April 1, Philippines) episode of the show. Paul McDonald joined them in the bottom 3 but was saved.

On a lighter note, since Megia and Adebapo both made it this far in the competition, they will be on tour with the rest of the Top 11 finalists this Summer.

Noypi's notes:

I admit I just lose one reason to watch the show. I'm a fan of Thia eh.

To Philippine viewers, "pasensya na" with this spoiler. I know our "live telecast" will still be aired in 6 hours pero around 10am actually dapat. Lol.

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