Jason Ivler photos and video inside the jail | Jason Ivler pictures in prison

TV Patrol reported earlier about Jason Ivler getting VIP treatment while in prison. According to the report, there are photos and video of Jason Ivler posted online that show him with some girls, drinking and partying inside the jail. So I thought of searching them for you and compile them here. Below are some of the photos I found. I also found the video but it cannot be posted here since it contains inappropriate language that blogspot does not allow.

*** I have to delete the photo I posted here earlier. Someone contacted me with a proof that it was not taken inside the jail as reported on TV Patrol...

The purported photo of Jason Ivler with girls and friends drinking inside the jail??? How true is this? I just saw it on TV Patrol earlier and was able to find this in a social media site.

A photo of Jason Ivler and his mom Marlene Aguilar inside Jason's cell?

Saw this photo on TV Patrol as well | Jason Ivler with a girl

An inmate showing his Jason Ivler tattoo

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