Iñigo Pascual, most searched name on Yahoo

After his appearance and showing the nation a glimpse of his talent during his father's birthday celebration on ASAP Rocks, Iñigo Pascual is now a trending search term on various search engines. In fact today, Iñigo Pascual is the most searched name on Yahoo Philippines.

If you found this article in your search for info about Piolo Pascual's son Iñigo, I have posted a couple of entries you might want to read:

1. Piolo Pascual's Son, Iñigo sings with his dad on "ASAP Rocks"

On ASAP Rocks (ABS-CBN) earlier today, Iñigo Pascual surprised his dad, actor-singer Piolo Pascual, during the latters' birthday celebration. While Piolo was singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hands" by the Beatles, his son suddenly showed up on a video and sang with him. The Kapamilya hunk was immensely surprised when he saw his son on the video singing for him. It made Piolo teary and after a while they both sang the last part of the song.


2. Piolo Pascual's Son Pictures

Since some speculations surfaced lately that Piolo Pascual only has an 'imaginary son' , people who wants to prove it otherwise posted online some pictures of Iñigo (Piolo Pascual's son) who is now around the age of 13.


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