On RN Heals Results

Update: RNHeals orientation has started in some areas. You should have known if you made it or not by now.

To those who wants information about the RN HEALS Project Results. Let me share to you my personal experience.

I was a part of the Nurses Assigned in Rural Setting (NARS) Project which was handled by the Department of Labor (DOLE) in 2009. I would have to say that the recently launched Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service (RN HEALS) is the same project with a brand new name. In fact, DOLE utilized the NARS Project's website and just change it to the name of the latest project. So I guess we can get some info from my experience from NARS.

I applied online and also submitted my application to our local PESO officer who sent it to DOLE's Regional Office since I am from the province. I just then checked the NARS website for updates from time to time. After sometime, DOLE uploaded names of those who qualified per municipality to their website but I was not able to find my name nor any names posted under our municipality. So I went to the regional office of DOLE in the nearby city to ask if they have the list. The DOLE officer that I approached asked which municipality did I apply for and checked on a computer for the list. And yeah, I made it.

If you applied for RN Heals, I would suggest that you visit DOLE's office near you and ask when they are going to release the list of names of those who qualified. :D

And if you find out that you did not make it and still eager to be part of the project, try to be on the waiting list since a few may back out.

Check out RN Heals website here.

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