Sam Concepcion hopes for an international career via Taylor Swift's Asian Tour!

If you have read on a post that I made a couple of days ago, I shared about international singing sensation Taylor Swift choosing Pinoy teen heartthrob Sam Conception to open her sold-out Manila concert this February 19, 2011 at Araneta Coliseum. Check the post HERE.

In a PEP interview, Sam said that he has received the good news and is ecstatic that he is not just doing the front act of the Manila Concert but all of the Asian countries Taylor Swift will be doing a concert at as part of her Asian Tour!

"I was told that Taylor Swift was looking for a front act for her concert. I tried out. But I didn't hear anything from them for so long. So, I'm like 'It's okay.' Then... I was thrilled when Renen [De Guia, concert producer] called up my manager [Carlo Orosa] who called me and said, 'You got it! But there's more...'"

Sam paused for effect, "[He told me], 'You will do the front act for her whole Asian tour.' I was floored!"

When asked if opening for Taylor's concerts in Asia could be the break he has been waiting for in his international career, here's his response:

"I hope so," Sam said, smiling.

Sam Concepcion
is now preparing for this big stint.

Good luck, Sam!

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