Erwan Heussaff, Sam Milby meet face to face at a party | Poll: Who do you like for Anne Curtis? Erwan or Sam?

What happens when the ex-boyfriend of Anne Curtis, Sam Milby and her current boo, Erwan Heussaff meet face to face?

Picture of Erwan Heussaff, Anne Curtis and Sam Milby taken during Liz Uy's birthday party courtersy of ubertwitter

“Nothing ano, [nothing] bad at all,” was how Sam described it when he got the chance to bump into Erwan recently at celebrity stylist Liz Uy's birthday party.

“Even when I was there talagang wala kaming problema or anything like that. 'How you doin’?' Gano’n lang. Fun talaga,” Sam told SNN.


As a fan, I am happy for Anne since she looks so happy having Erwan around.

But just for fun eh since our current poll is about to end. I just wanna know if there are still those who haven't moved on yet and still missing Sam and Anne together (Kismets fans?). Haha. Here's a poll question for you:

Who do you like for Anne Curtis? Erwan Heussaff or Sam Milby? :D

To help you out here are pictures of Anne with Erwan and photos of her with Sam:


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