How to apply for "RN HEALS" | Application Requirements

To address the surplus of inexperienced nurses in the Philippines, the government launched a project called "RN HEALS" or Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service.

The RN HEALS Project will be needing 10,000 registered nurses to help deliver health care services. These nurses who will be deployed in all regions and provinces nationwide will receive a monthly allowance of 8,000 pesos. The Local Government Unit is also expected to provide modes of board and lodging for these community-based volunteer nurses.

Here are the requirements for RN HEALS application:

Unemployed registered nurses who are physically and mentally fit and willing to serve in their hometowns and who meet the following requirements may qualify under RNheals:

* With valid PRC license;
* Resident of the identified CCT area/s;
* Medical certificate issued by government hospitals stating that the applicant is fit to work; and
* NARS Project drop-outs will not be considered

To apply you can download, print, fill-up and submit this form to the office of Department of Labor and Employment in your locality or look for the PESO officer of your municipality.

Here's the link to the RN HEALS application form:

You can also apply online at the RN HEALS website. Here is the link:

Hurry! RN HEALS registration already started last January 17, 2011 and will end on February 4, 2011.

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