Sharon Cuneta rushed to hospital after her birthday concert

An accident happened during last night's show of the Megastar Sharon Cuneta, the Mega 2011 Birthday Concert held in Araneta Coliseum. Sharon fell on stage while doing a production number with Billy Crawford and RJ Jacinto which hushed thousands of Sharonians who were there to see this annual event facilitated by their idol.

Sharon was able to stand up after. She still continued performing until her last number for that night. Yes, she finished the concert although she has to be ushered on a wheelchair right after the concert ended and was brought to a hospital.

Earlier today, the daughter of Sharon, KC Conception posted on her Twitter account:

"After the show mom felt some pain in her neck and back, and also had dizzy spells. She was brought to the ER, all's clear, exhaustion lang."

But there is nothing to worry. Sharon is fine now and already out of the hospital. According to KC,

"Mom is home, no more pain. Tnx for ur concern!"

On TV Patrol today, Sharon's doctor said that it was the fact that she only ate a little before the show because of her excitement and her high blood pressure during that time made her fall on the stage.

Glad she's okay.

We'll see the whole thing when ABS-CBN will be showing the show on TV these coming days.

Meanwhile, said to be the best production of the evening here's a picture of KC and Sam Milby's acrobatic dance number:

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