Boracay Scandal: Foreigners Doing "It" on the Beach Caught on Cam

While video taping events in Boracay during the New Year's Eve, the news team of ABS-CBN for the Entertainment segment of TV Patrol captured on camera a Caucasian couple who were doing a supposedly private act while there were still people around and the lights of the hotels illuminated them on the beach. But ofcourse, the news show did not air the entire "Boracay Scandal Video".

The mayor of the famous tourist destination, John Yap was interviewed by ABS-CBN for his comment on the matter and he said that it is inevitable and there is no specific ordinance for it. Although, he added that when a police catches people doing "it", he will bring them to a precinct for public scandal. The local government also condemned the act and promised to create an ordinance specifically stipulating "no s3x on the beach", not the drink I guess. :D

Glad they are not the ones on the video and it will be quite a Boracay Scandal. Lol. Check HERE.

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