Palawan, Philippines makes it to National Geographic's "20 Best Trips of 2011" list

The National Geographic Traveler editors recently released their list of 20 best destinations to consider in 2011. The beautiful island of Palawan, Philippines made it to the list!

Qouting NatGeo:

"Palawan’s limestone karst cliffs, coral atolls, mangrove forests, sugar-white sandy beaches, and extensive fringing reefs create one of the Philippines' most biodiverse terrestrial and marine environments. Designated as a fish and wildlife sanctuary in 1967, the Philippines' largest (in total land area) province encompasses nearly 1,240 miles (1,995 kilometers) of coastline stretching across 1,768 islands."

Yeah, I heard so much about Palawan. For sure, I'll be packing for a trip to El Nido one of these days if I can have time and money.. It's been my long time dream to visit this marvelous place... :D

By the way, you can check NatGeo's article on Palawan HERE.

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