Daniel Matsunaga Elevator Scandal : Daniel Kissing a Girl in an Elevator Caught on CCTV?

While video hopping on Youtube, I found a controversial video containing Daniel Matsunaga in its title. It shows the Brazilian-Japanese model kissing a girl inside an elevator! I am not sure if it is really Daniel Matsunaga although the guy really shares similar features of the Kapuso hunk. The video looks like a CCTV recording and it is dated January 8, 2011.

So I searched for info about the "Daniel Matsunaga Elevator Scandal" and found out that the incident happened on a go-see last January 8, 2011. They say that Daniel was flirting one of the female models during that go-see. Some people who noticed it got suspicious and found a way to get a copy of the CCTV recording to know what happened inside the elevator.

If it is really Daniel Matsunaga, I wonder how he would explain the video to her girlfriend actress Heart Evangelista.

Watch the video below:

Update: Heart Evangelista tweeted this awhile ago:

"dont worry guys...if you saw it..somethings cooking:)"

Hmmmmm... Must be just a mere viral marketing gimmick... No wonder the kiss was hidden on the clip.. :D

Check out Heart's Twitter page HERE.

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