Baron Geisler grabs Cherry Pie Picache's boobs; off to rehab!

The controversial actor Baron Geisler who has had a couple of harassment complaints from other celebrities is yet again in trouble. This time with veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache.

Cherry Pie filed a complaint against Baron after the latter said to have felt up the breasts of the actress while they were on the set of "Noah", an ABS-CBN teleserye which they both star.

Ed Instrella, Cherry Pie's manager, confirmed that they already sent a complaint to the Philippine Artists Managers Inc. (PAMI) and ABS-CBN. They are hoping that through this action the incident won't happen again. Cherry Pie also hopes that the issue won't get blown out of proportion for the sake of his son, Jose Antonio who she does not want to be affected.

An account of the incident tells that at first Baron who apparently was drunk already started touching Cherry Pie inappropriately while the taping was going on. He then groped Cherry Pie's breasts after the shoot.

On a report of Pilipino Star Ngayon, Baron was said to have been brought to a rehab facility after the incident.

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