Shaina Magdayao calls Ruffa Gutierrez at 2AM!

It seems like beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez is still not out of the picture of John Lloyd Cruz - Shaina Magdayao love affair. A new intriguing issue is buzzing around the web and papers that John Lloyd's ex-girlfriend Ruffa received a call from Shaina in the middle of the night at exactly 2 in the morning!

The above photo is from an old issue but may be related to this one. Credits to the owner of the pic. :D

And take note, according to reports, Shaina was said to be crying while talking to Ruffa on the phone!

Tweetbiz host Tim Yap confirmed the incident saying that he received a response via text message from Ruffa after he asked her about the issue.

"Realllyyy? Who said?? Yes she called but I were half asleep next to my girls (hellow it was 2 am!) so I couldn't talk. Simply told her that if she had a go ask JL not me. That's all I'm gonna say Timmie. Pasensya na. Kaloka!" the SMS message reads.

Star Magic who is handling Shaina also released a short statement confirming Ruffa and Shaina talking on the phone:

"Yes, it's true. The ladies had a private and cordial talk." according to Star Magic.

Ruffa did not reveal what was Shaina's reason of calling so late. She only said:

"For those waiting for my pasabog or tell-all...I'm soooo sorry to disappoint you but it's not gonna happen. You can wonder & guess all you want, give your blatant opinions, sweet or violent reactions but at the end of the day tweeties it's our lives, our happiness & frankly none of anyone business." Ruffa posted on Twitter.

What could Shaina's reason for calling in the middle of the night possibly be? Are John Lloyd and Shaina having problems in their relationship? Feel free to comment below.. :D

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