The Greatest Man on the Internet is a Noypi

His Youtube video upload entitled "Hey Baby" made the number 2 most subscribed Youtuber of all time, Ray William Johnson hail him as "The Greatest Man on the Internet". He is Gerry Alanguilan, a busy talented Filipino comic book writer and artist from San Pablo City. He shared in his blog that he also received emails from people telling him that his video had been shown on TV in the UK, Spain, France, Japan and so on. A Japanese TV station even sent a director to the Philippines to interview him about his video and comics.

As of this writing, his "Hey Baby" video has more than 2.5 million hits on Youtube although it was re-uploaded by someone on Facebook and retitled it with “Lakas Tama ni Manong”. The Facebook upload also went viral.

Gerry Alanguilan is known as "komikero" on Youtube. Check out his famous "Hey Baby" video below:

The video was also featured on Fox News:

A number of people from across the world also are making their spoof on the video. Here are some:

You can check Komikero's Youtube Channel here.

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