American Idol Season 10 Top 40 Finalists List Leaks

Even before the American Idol Season 10 gets to premier tonight, a list of names has been going around the web for days and it is said to be names of the Top 40 Finalists of the talent show. Check the said AI 10 Top 40 Finalists List below:

Aaron Sanders

Alexander Ryan

Ashthon Ahmirr’ Jones

Brett Loewenstern

Brittany Mazur

Casey Abrams

Chris Medina

Clint Jun Gamboa

(Michael) Colton Dixon

Deandre “Kamele” Brackensick

Erin (Eryn) Kelly

Haley Reinhart

Hollie Cavanagh

  • Age:
  • Hometown:
  • Audition City:

Jacee Chipcoon Badeaux

James Durbin

Jacob E. Lusk

Jerome Bell

Jessica Cunningham

Jimmie Allen

  • Age:
  • Hometown: Franklin, TN
  • Audition City: Nashville

John Wayne Schulz

Jordan Dorsey

Jovany Barreto

Julie Zorrilla

Karen Rodriguez

Kendra Chantelle Campbell

Lauren Alaina Suddeth

Lauren Turner

Lakeisha “Keisha Renee” Lewis

Miss Jackie Wilson

Naima Adedap

Pia Toscano

Paul McDonald

Rachel Zevita

Robbie Rosen

Scott (Scotty) McCreery

Stefano Langone

Ta-Tynisa Wilson

Thia Megia

Tim Halperin

Tiwan Strong

Clint Jun Gamboa admitted he is a Half-Noypi on Youtube... The 15 year-old Thia Megia also I believe is a Filipino since she was featured on TFC... I hope they would make it to the Top 10. I wonder if there are anymore Filipinos on American Idol Season 10. It would be much more exciting for us, right? :D

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