Oyo Boy, Kristine Wedding Video

If you happen to have read on my post about the prenuptial video of Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa, you might have noticed that the video was set to private. This was according to the request of the couple. But after some days, finally they allowed their fans to view their pre-wedding video.

Not only that. The official wedding video of Oyo and Kristine was also made public. Check out Oyo and Kristine's wedding video below:

According to their videographers, Oyo Boy especially requested to use Howie Day's Collide as background music for the video. A bad news to their fans, the couple also made a request on a vows-free video which according to witnesses were sweet and funny.

"Oyo made one request the day before the wedding, that we use Howie Day’s Collide on their SDE. The exact same song used in Tin’s march.

Tin, on the other hand, wanted the SDE soundbites and vows-free. A bummer for those who weren’t there, the two did exchange some sweet and funny words that day. But like I said, they got exactly what they wanted." says Threelogy Video Corporation, the official wedding videographer of Oyo and Kristine.

Once again, you can check the prenuptial video HERE.

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