P40 Taxi Flag Down Rate Approved

The Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has recently approved the petition of taxi owners to increase the flag down rate of taxicabs. The government agency favors an additional P10 to be added on the current P30 rate. And thus, taxi meters will soon show P40 as the commuter sits inside the public vehicle.

Not only that. When the new rate takes effect after its publication in major newspapers, the passenger will also be paying P3.50 per 300 meters distance of travel which is currently set to P2.50.

However, only taxi units with receipt-issuing meters are allowed to charge the new rates. One can still refuse to pay the new rates if the cab does not have one.

Wow! It seems like riding on a taxi will already be a luxury to regular Noypis these coming days. Sorry for the bad news.

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