Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa's Pre-Nuptial Video

Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa's wedding was indeed a "private" one. The media and people in the blogosphere and the web got confused on when exactly the wedding will be. Some bloggers even announced it to be on January 11th but as we all know the wedding happened the next day. The exact location was also not made known before the event. All we knew that it was going to be in Batangas. :D

On the wedding day also, the media only had a few bits of information about the wedding. Noone even covered it on TV. We only had tweets from Ara Mina and Maricar Demesa.

This made the fans of Oyo and Kristine sad.But ofcourse they understood the couple's decision. And I read on forums that they are happy for the couple and some of them even shared that they cried. [Photo courtesy of Anne of PEX ;)]

Just 9 hours ago, Oyo Boy and Kristine's Pre-Nuptial Video was published in Vimeo. We should have seen that first, right? Haha. But here it is. So the pre-wedding photos of Kristine and Oyo that we found earlier were just stills from this video. Check the video HERE.

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