KevJumba and His Dad on Amazing Race Season 17

Waaaaah... I know Amazing Race Season 17 is to premier today but I did not know that I'd be seeing a familiar face as I watched it just moments ago. I saw KevJumba and his dad in the show!

For those who does not know, KevJumba (Kevin Wu) is a Youtube 'celebrity' who is known for his funny clips in the video site. His dad, Michael Wu, already appeared on KevJumba's videos also. So this explains why Kevjumba was out from youtube for like a month last summer. Presumably, he was with his dad racing with other 10 teams around the globe.

I hope they'll do better in the next leg since they were just 7th to arrive at the piststop in the premier episode. I just wanna see more of them. :D

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