Choirs around the World Singing Filipino Songs

While hopping from one video to another in Youtube, I stumbled upon these videos of Foreign Choir Groups singing Filipino folk and love songs. It feels so great that our culture is being appreciated by other citizens of the world. Check them out:

An Indonesian Choir Singing 'Ikaw Lamang' (I so love this. We can't deny that we look like them since they are our neighbors but amazingly, they sound like us in this one. :D)

Northwest Missouri State University Madraliers singing Paruparu Bukid (This one is so fun. I so love the song arrangement, the choreography and especially, the accent.)

A Boys Choir Singing 'Bahay Kubo' in a Competition in New York (So cute... Again, the accent...:D)

Here's more:

Czech Choir sings "Ikaw" with Ateneo College Glee Club

Paru Parong Bukid Sung By an American High School Choir

Philippine Folk Song sung by a Korean Choir

Rosas Pandan Performance

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